Carolyn is a Certified Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor, she is one of the founders of Heartsounds.

Along with postpartum depression and mood disorder training, she is also a volunteer at the Arizona Postpartum Depression Warmline. She was inspired to become a postpartum doula from her own experience with long labors and rough postpartum experience. She spent several days in the NICU and PICU with her children and recently in the hospital with her baby boy, who has undergone multiple surgeries and treatment.  She will passionately listen to you, serve, and support your goals, and ensure you are well-educated and well-informed. 
She also serves Moms privately at Tree of Life Mom and Baby. 
Nelly has a big heart for helping others, and she's eager to walk you through your own special story.

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Nelly Willis is our program manager. Nelly is the mom of a sweet girl and Toddler boy. She is a Practical Nurse, Certified Lactation Counselor, Advanced lactation consultant, Infant Feeding Specialist, GPS support group Facilitator and GPS Master trainer, Postpartum Doula,  Childbirth Educator, and she's bilingual.

As postpartum doulas, our goal is to provide new mothers and babies with the comfort, guidance, and one-on-one attention necessary for a smooth transition from pregnancy and birth to parenthood. We help reduce the severity loneliness, depression, isolation and more.

All of our doulas are trained in perinatal mood disorders.

The mother of two, grandmother of seven, and great grandmother of two, Carolyn knows that babies are her greatest joy.  As a former teacher and professor, she enjoys working with new mothers and helping them care for their infants.

Teaching “baby skills” is very rewarding to her. In addition to advising new moms and showing them techniques to make baby care easier, she helps parents cope with their new baby in those first weeks. 
She loves singing to babies as she rocks and cuddles them off to sleep, letting moms get the rest they need after the birth.

Lorraine Lorr has served as a "Strong Start" counselor for a couple of years, she has been a birth and postpartum doula and she has lots of experience with mom and baby care. 

Lorraine Lorr

Nelly Willis

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Carolyn Matthiasson 

Lorraine has been attending births at the Birth & Women's Health Center and Local Hospitals  since 2006. She has served many of her private clients as a birth and postpartum doula as well at C'mon Baby . She believes it is important to serve families during the transition into parenthood. Whether it's a first baby or fifth, all moms need support. She encourages moms self-care, naps, meals, baths, and/or quiet time, while she tends to the newborn.  

Lorraine has also served as a "Strong Start" counselor for a couple of yours helping Tucson families transition from early pregnancy to parenthood.